Cookie policy

Cookies are small data files that are sent to your browser.

Cookie policy

At, we make use of cookies. This is so we can ensure that our website works in the most effective and efficient manner. They help us to understand how users access our website allowing us to develop and improve the design, layout, content and function of the site.

What are Cookies?
When using the website, some information may be collected automatically using ‘cookies’. These are small text files which help us understand how our websites work, they can be temporary or permanent.

Temporary cookies form part of the security process while you are using the website; permanent cookies identify the link you used to find our website, check your browser so that we can make sure that our website and services work well with your computer and to help us monitor traffic on our website.

Why are cookies used?
They help visitors. Cookies allow sites to do things like provide personalised content and remember their log-in details and settings. You can turn them off – this won’t stop a website from working, but it might mean it won’t work as well as it could, or that you have to do the same thing more than once.

They help website owners. Cookies tell website owners things like: what search engine a visitor used to find the website, how often they’ve visited it, how long they’ve spent on it, and so on.

We’ve set out below the cookies that we may use and those that are set by third parties on our website.

Cookie Name: Google Analytics
Purpose: ON site behaviour tracking

Cookie Name: Hotjar
Purpose: Heatmaps and screen recording

Cookie Name: Facebook
Purpose: Retargeting and Tracking Conversions

Cookie Name: Adwords
Purpose: Retargeting and Tracking Conversions

Cookie Name: Bing Ads
Purpose: Retargeting and Tracking Conversions

Except for essential cookies, all cookies will expire after 10 years.

Disabling/Enabling Cookies
You can accept or decline cookies by changing the settings on your browser.
Please remember though that disabling certain cookies may affect the functionality of our website.

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